Homemade DIY Advent Calendar Fillers: Cheap and Creative Ideas
homemade advent calendars

Homemade DIY Advent Calendar Fillers: Cheap and Creative Ideas

The festive season is a time of joy, anticipation and tradition. One beloved custom is the Advent calendar, which marks the countdown to Christmas. While store-bought Advent calendars are easily accessible, crafting a homemade one adds a personal touch and offers limitless creativity. In this blog, we will delve into a variety of affordable and imaginative ideas for homemade Advent calendar fillers that will bring delight to both children and adults alike.

Where to get started

First things first, you are going to need to get the shell of the advent calendar. Whilst this can be a complete mindfield, we have compiled a nice handy list of DIY advent calendars to get you started.

Quotes and Inspirational Messages

Infuse your DIY Advent calendar with daily inspiration by including quotes and uplifting messages. Jot down meaningful quotes, positive affirmations or words of wisdom on small slips of paper. They can be motivating, humorous or thought-provoking, tailored to suit the recipient’s preferences. These messages will offer a daily boost of encouragement and serve as a reminder of the festive spirit.

Handmade Crafts and Ornaments 

Spread the joy of creativity by including handmade crafts or ornaments as Advent calendar fillers. Craft miniature decorations using materials such as felt, clay or upcycled materials. These can range from simple ornaments like paper snowflakes or origami figures to more intricate creations like painted wooden figurines. Each day, the recipient can unwrap a new ornament to adorn their tree or display around the house, adding a personal touch to their festive decorations.

We love these ideas from My Kids Time. 24 of the jolliest advent calendar fillers that aren’t candy!

advent calendar filler ideas

Festive Treats and Recipes

Pleasure your palate with delightful treats and recipes hidden within the Advent calendar. Bake homemade biscuits, cupcakes, or chocolates shaped in festive designs. You can also include recipe cards with instructions for creating dishes inspired by the holidays. Whether it’s a beloved family recipe or something new to explore, the anticipation of discovering a new treat each day will add an extra element of culinary enjoyment to the festive season.

Checkout these Food and Drink advent calendars for a bit of inspiration.

Acts of Kindness

Shift the focus of the Advent calendar from receiving to giving by including acts of kindness. Write down small acts of kindness on paper slips, such as helping a neighbour, making a donation to a charity, or giving compliments to strangers. Each day, the recipient can choose an act of kindness to carry out, spreading goodwill and nurturing a sense of community during the holiday season.

Mini Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Exercise the mind whilst counting down to Christmas by including mini puzzles and brain teasers in the Advent calendar. These can vary from crosswords and word searches to enigmas and Sudoku. Each day, the recipient can solve a fresh puzzle, providing a fun and stimulating activity that is both entertaining and educational.

Creating a homemade Advent calendar filled with inexpensive and imaginative ideas is a marvellous way to enhance the holiday spirit. From uplifting messages and handcrafted crafts to festive goodies and acts of kindness, the possibilities are limitless. By personalising the calendar with distinctive fillers, you can make each day leading up to Christmas more significant and pleasurable. Embrace the joy of giving, nurturing creativity and spreading goodwill with these homemade Advent calendar fillers.


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