Exploring the Finest Dog Advent Calendars in the UK

Exploring the Finest Dog Advent Calendars in the UK

As the year advances towards the yuletide season, our thoughts inevitably turn to Christmas preparations, including the acquisition of advent calendars to usher in the December festivities.

While you may have already secured your own advent calendar for Christmas 2023, it’s crucial not to overlook your faithful four-legged companion in the merriment.

Thankfully, the market is replete with options catering to dog owners who seek to include their furry friends in the festive mirth. This article delves into a selection of the most outstanding dog advent calendars available in the UK at present.

With the introduction complete, we shall delve into the characteristics of a commendable advent calendar before presenting a variety of options for discerning British dog aficionados.

What Constitutes a Dog Advent Calendar?

Familiar with the concept of Christmas advent calendars, recent years have witnessed a surge in popularity for canine counterparts. After all, why should your beloved pooch be excluded from the daily dose of yuletide surprises that grace the month of December?

Given the integral role dogs play within our families, it’s only fitting to involve them in the Christmas revelry. A diverse range of dog advent calendars has emerged, each revealing dog treats, chews, and toys behind the numbered windows from 1 December to 25 December.

These offerings accommodate a range of budgets, spanning from premium selections to more budget-friendly options available at local supermarkets.

For those considering an online purchase, it is advisable to secure your dog’s advent calendar well in advance of December to ensure a festive treat for your loyal companion.

Criteria for Evaluating Dog Advent Calendars

Selecting the ideal advent calendar for your canine companion warrants careful consideration of several factors.

As previously mentioned, while budget-friendly dog advent calendars are available, they may not necessarily contain the finest ingredients. Conversely, if opting for a calendar comprising dog toys, their durability should be assessed to ensure they can endure the festive frolics in the garden.

During the Christmas season, certain brands commit to donating a portion of proceeds from each advent calendar to pet charities, presenting an admirable and heartwarming dimension to your purchase.


Finest Dog Advent Calendars in the UK

Now that we’ve examined the spectrum of dog advent calendar options and outlined our criteria for evaluation, let’s proceed to explore the cream of the crop among dog advent calendars available in the UK.

1 )Pooch & Mutt Dog Advent Calendar 

Website: poochandmutt.com


Pooch & Mutt extends a festive invitation for your cherished canine with their delightful advent calendar. This offering not only infuses Christmas cheer but also promotes a healthful festive period for your pet. Behind each door, two delectable, grain-free, and hypoallergenic treats await. The Turkey & Cranberry Meaty Treats are composed of turkey, cranberry, and cinnamon, enriched with probiotics. These treats boast collagen for a lustrous coat and probiotics for optimal digestion.

Absent are artificial additives, colours, or preservatives, and the recipe excludes grain, cereal, beef, soy, dairy, and non-GM ingredients. Priced at £7.99, Pooch & Mutt’s advent calendar carries an added dimension of goodwill – for each calendar sold, the company contributes a meal to the Woodgreen Pets Charity.

The Pooch & Mutt Dog Advent Calendar garners an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars based on over 161 verified reviews on feefo. Procure Pooch & Mutt’s Dog Advent Calendar from their official website or via Amazon.


2) Butternut Box’s Advent Calendar

Website: butternutbox.com


Butternut Box is resolute in its belief that our furry companions deserve their own advent calendars. Hence, they present a delightful offering for British dog owners who aspire to extend the festive merriment to their canine companions. Concealed behind each window of this canine advent calendar are two delectable treats, sourced from their naturally scrumptious, seasonal recipes. Your cherished dog can relish the delectable flavours of Pork & Sage and Turkey & Cranberry, each comprising 60% pork or turkey, with the remainder composed of wholesome fruits and vegetables. Butternut Box’s treats are meticulously crafted for easy digestion, entirely devoid of grains and unwanted additives. Suitable for dogs of all ages, these treats are thoughtfully curated without the inclusion of added sugars.

Adding an element of playfulness, Butternut Box offers a name generator to bestow a festive moniker upon your canine companion. This name can then be inscribed upon the front of the advent calendar, infusing an extra touch of joviality.

In a heartwarming gesture, for every advent calendar purchased, Butternut Box pledges to donate a meal to a dog in need, thus amplifying the spirit of Christmas generosity.

Priced at £8 Butternut box, advent calendar presents an enticing proposition. However, do note that an active subscription with the esteemed dog food brand is a prerequisite for its acquisition.


3) Lily’s Kitchen’s Advent Calendar for Dogs

Website: www.lilyskitchen.co.uk

Lily’s Kitchen presents a dog-friendly advent calendar that comprises Cheese & Apple training treats, Rise & Shines biscuits, and Bedtime Biscuits. These three delectable biscuit recipes are meticulously crafted using premium ingredients such as oats, cheddar, and liver. The Cheese & Apple training treats serve as a delightful incentive for well-mannered dogs during the Christmas season. The Rise & Shine biscuits contribute to a lustrous coat, adding a touch of radiance to your canine companion. Meanwhile, the Bedtime Biscuits offer a calming respite should the festive hubbub become a tad overwhelming. Lily’s Kitchen employs an oven-baking process to ensure optimal flavour infusion into their treats.

However, it’s worth noting that Lily’s Kitchen’s advent calendar commands a slightly higher price point compared to the other dog food brands featured in this article, retailing at £12. While there is no explicit mention of whether your purchase contributes to a pet charity this Christmas, it remains a possibility.

Lily’s Kitchen Dog Advent Calendar garners an impressive average rating of 4.6 stars, derived from over 307 reviews on Amazon.


4) Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar

Website: www.scrumbles.co.uk

Scrumbles presents a thoughtfully curated Dog Advent Calendar featuring a trio of distinct treats. Within this calendar, you will discover their Meaty Bites, a tantalising choice to satiate protein cravings. For a serene Christmas Day, indulge your dog with the Baked Turkey With Slippery Elm variant, enriched with calming elements such as lemon balm and chamomile. Additionally, the Gnasher treats are designed to combat plaque and foster a healthy digestive tract. Emphasising their commitment to wellness, Scrumbles treats are fortified with added prebiotics, entirely natural, and free from grains. Crafted within the UK, these treats are poised to ensure your dog’s optimal health.

Christmas often poses risks to dogs, particularly with well-meaning family members offering table scraps that can lead to digestive discomfort. Scrumbles addresses this concern by prioritising gut health. Their treats are thoughtfully formulated with an abundance of gut-friendly ingredients, guaranteeing a wholesome indulgence.

An additional environmentally-conscious touch is the recyclable nature of all components within the Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar starting from £8.


5) Woof Club Naturals Dog Advent Calendar

Website: www.woofclubnaturals.co.uk

The Woof Club presents an expansive dog advent calendar that stands apart from the other alternatives showcased in this article. Diverging from the conventional array of treats, their offering incorporates a medley of meaty indulgences. Concealed behind the calendar’s doors lie an array of delectable offerings, including Meat Bars, Lamb Tripe, Chicken Necks, 100% Meat Sausage, Porky Crunch, Beef Liver, and a whole Pig Snout. Additionally, two packs of their 80% meat training treats, available in fish and poultry variants, grace this bountiful assortment.

While this advent calendar is indeed a premium option, retailing at £24.99, it boasts a generous bundle that justifies its price point. The Woof Club Naturals Dog Advent Calendar has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, based on a total of 19 reviews on Amazon.


Pawpular Gifts

 In conclusion, as the year steadily progresses towards the festive season, our attention naturally turns to Christmas preparations, which include procuring advent calendars to herald the December festivities.

While you may have already secured your own advent calendar for Christmas 2023, it remains crucial not to overlook the inclusion of your faithful four-legged companion in the holiday merriment.Fortunately, the market is teeming with options that cater to dog owners seeking to extend the joy of the season to their furry companions. This blog has delved into a curated selection of the most outstanding pawpular gift dog advent calendars currently available in the UK.

Yappy Christmas!

With our introduction complete, we have delved into the defining characteristics of a praiseworthy canine advent calendar, subsequently presenting a diverse array of choices to cater to the discerning preferences of British dog enthusiasts.

From Pooch & Mutt’s nourishing indulgences to the considerate offerings of Butternut Box, the delightful treats from Lily’s Kitchen, the holistic approach of Scrumbles, and the generous assortment by Woof Club Naturals, there exists an advent calendar to gratify every dog’s taste and well-being.

As the Christmas countdown unfolds, there exists no finer way to infuse joy and pleasure into the lives of our cherished companions. By selecting a dog advent calendar that resonates with your dog’s tastes and dietary requirements, you not only cultivate happiness but also partake in the spirit of generosity, as many of these brands contribute to charitable causes with each purchase.

Ultimately, the festive season becomes a shared celebration, encompassing the entire family, including our beloved canine friends. As you embrace the holiday spirit and participate in the traditions of the season, may the chosen advent calendar bestow not only a daily treat but also a heartwarming reminder of the enduring bond between humans and their loyal canine companions.

We hope you & the pets you love, have a very Yappy Christmas! If you’re feeling festive, make sure to browse the rest of our Christmas advent calendars which you can do by clicking here.


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